The establishment of the Kakamas Water Users Association (KWUA) was approved by the Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry and promulgated in Government Gazette no 516 dated 15 June 2001.


This website also provides access to the Water Administration System (W-A-S). The WAS is an integrated information management system for irrigation schemes that deliver water on demand through canal networks and rivers. WAS is used for water distribution management and for the calculation of canal and dam operating procedures for a given downstream demand.

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About Us

In 1897 the then Cape Parliament presented the Dutch Reformed Church with two farms on the left bank of the Orange River , about 100 km west of Upington, for the purpose of establishing an irrigation settlement.

The first group of settlers arrived in Kakamas during late 1897 when the South Furrow Canal Scheme from the Orange River was commenced. By 1930 the number of irrigators totaled 600. Since then and over a period of many years the scheme was further enhanced and developed to serve a growing number of irrigators.

Subsequently , on 1 September 1964 the Kakamas Irrigation Works was transferred to the State by Commission for Supervision and Control and Administrator of the Dutch Reformed Church. The then government proposed betterments to the canal system based on various white papers. These betterments were subsequently undertaken between 1984 and 1993.

With the advent of the National Water Act (Act no 36 of 1998) , the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry(DWAF) commenced with the process of transferring Government water Schemes and previously established Irrigation Schemes to Water Management Institutions such as Water Users Associations


Our Vision

Area of operation

The area of the KWUA includes all properties in respect of which any person is entitled to use water by virtue of entitlements in terms of section 22(1) of the Act.

The schemes operated by KWUA are:

  • The canal system from Neusberg Weir on the Southern bank of the Orange River to where its most downstream point flows back into the Upper end of the Orange River Kakamas South, Augrabies Canal.
  • The canal system from Marchand Weir on the Southern Bank of the Orange River to where its most downstream point flows back into the Orange River portion 2 of the Farm Padrooi 13.
  • The Orange River from Neusberg Weir downstream to Augrabies Falls.
  • Groundwater within the area of jurisdiction of the KWUA where surface water is controlled.
  • The canal system from the Neusberg Weir on the Northern Bank of the Orange River to where its most downstream point flows back into the Orange River portion 74 of the farm 345 Paarden – and Drift Island.
  • Any other water resource situated outsides the area described above, which water resource and accompanying area the DWS or responsible authority may require KWUA to manage.


“To provide for the lawful entitlement of all water users within the KWUA through representative management, service providing from all segments of the local community , with the least possible disruptions and in the most economical way”